The Color of Giving by Ashinze Tobechi Patrick

The Beer Parlour


Hewn out of the Society’s expanse
Erected for The patron’s trance
Both Men and Women
Responding to the Ale and Brews omen

Glasses and Bottles of Green
Disco lights beaming out on Kith and Kin
Dark bottles and White Cigarettes
Brunos with their Sleek Brunettes

Ables and Disables drinking the Hops and Barley mix

Fate having an expressionless facial Fix

Touts and Gents attending the Church of Alcohol
Initiation and Fornication in the Goons’ Ball

O Beer Parlour
Thou stinketh of Alcohol
Scents of Hemp and Dope
An Utopia for those who thirst for Hope

Money and Time burning
Barbecue getting ready at right timing
Depression and Youthfulness in the Air
All terminating in Vanity’s Lair

By : Ashinze Tobechi Patrick
…Novo Ordo Stratum Progressiva…




Bio of Writer:

My name is Patrick. I am a young outspoken man with a passion for poetry and prose writing.
I am a third year medical student of The University of Ilorin and a firstborn out of four children.
I firmly believe education and schooling are two different entities.
I am opting for this Creative art contest not for the reward attached to it but solely for the deep borne love to
display to the whole world at large the extremity of my flair for a well grilled literary piece.
In a nut shell, i would love to summarise my biodata in a poetic manner that is…

Of thought and roles…
Of Scribe and Scrolls
Pan-African and Paradoxical…
Patient but firm.
Novo Ordo Stratum Progressiva

Attached to this essay is the MSWord Format of my Poem titled – “The Beer Parlour”.
The Beer Parlour is a poem borne out my view about the house of alcohol where various individuals of
differing needs and premonitions converge to make there needs met one way or the other.


CreativeNaija Handle:  @el-pato




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