How much longer do we have?




There will be no peace, not only in the Niger-Delta, but everywhere, if Goodluck Jonathan is not the president by 2015…”

Alhaji Mujaheed Dokubo Asari (Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force)


     “Let me use this opportunity to say on behalf of us in the North that nobody has monopoly of violence and that on behalf of people of Northern extraction, there shall be no one Nigeria if a Northerner is not elected president of this country…(in 2015)”

Farouk Adamu Aliyu (2011 CPC governorship candidate of Jigawa State and former member of House of Reps)




As I set off typing this, I am conscious that the time on my old brown wall clock with its black dial and mahogany frame is way past midnight. The weather outside is neither too hot nor too cold, just some eerie in between chilly, quiet, waiting…

It’s like something sinister is about to happen. Necromancers and thirsty, bloodsucking brutes lurk in the shadows outside my window, peeping in through the crack that my silk cotton leaves behind as it coyly dances to the night breeze’s alluring tickles. They seem to be waiting for me to fall asleep on my computer so they can slither in like Dracula and rip my heart out from its pericardium. Tonight is so startlingly quiet- even my otherwise noisy Caucasian mutt, Dre, seems to be in on the conspiracy as it has very surprisingly not barked in the last half hour. It is like something really awful is about to happen…and the joke is on me.


I am Nigeria.   The Night has come but I fear to sleep… because I fear for all my tomorrows

Seriously, one more look at the opening paragraph and another set of frissons run down my back. It is like the whole country is gearing up for a final run down at the next election in 2015. It never ceases to surprise me that despite the very real and innumerable issues currently facing our country at the moment- I do not intend to bore you with this rather brobdingnagian list of problems- virtually all the print media is filled with is threats and counter threats of different factions of this rather unfortunate marriage called Nigeria, concerning whose birth right it is to rule next.

James Watson of DNA fame is reputed to have said that despite all that has been said and done; from his years of interactions with both races he never for once believed that black and white people were equal. Of course he lost his job for this statement, still I can’t help but be saddened by the thought that when he watches the daily unfolding of events of this our dear Nation, he chuckles and says under his breadth “Well, I told you so.”

In a couple of hours I would be 25 years of age, and I can’t help but wonder. By the time I’m 28, would I still be a Nigerian? Perhaps I’d have become a citizen of the South-Western States, an OSNian (Other side of the Niger), or maybe just a pithy Kabbarian. A wise man once said this to me in a book:


        “…Serious talk should not be done in the night but rather left till the morn, when the head is clearer and mood light”

That day, I agreed with him. Today the very thought offends me. What impudence?!  So I plucked out his words from the crevices of my ears, rustled them from beneath layers and layers of wax, threw them on the worn out floors of my bedroom, trampled, spat, and trampled on them some more. What makes him think we would survive the night?

Compatriots, it is clear we can no longer hold off these national discussions. They must begin immediately! Let’s seat down, fiery eyeball to eyeball to mull these things over today- we’re not promised tomorrow.


“Come thither my brother,

There is no time

We must discuss tonight!

Tarot cards are crimson red

with the blood of our mother

Our flame has lost her light.

A hushed darkness approaches, encroachin’, ensnarin’

Whispering impending sorrows

I hear distant shrieks of war and terror

I fear there’s no tomorrow.”


No tomorrows by Seyade Shobby (My pseudonym)


Adebola, Oluwaseyi

12th May, 2013

sad black boy


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