Forgotten Colours



Night time falls slowly around the corners of my eye

though the golden ball as it oft does

has taken its place

in the seats of the sky.

The white of laughter around me becomes grey;

the juice of food just turned sour

as I helplessly dance

to the sad tunes corrupted me plays.

My world just got smaller,

reduced to a mere depressing pillow, bed-sheet,

and that thing I lie on…

Bags of chemicals on a nearby table

wink at me the way a harlot does;

with a promise to save me from the effects

of the note the ‘flying demons that suck’ left behind.

But this same promise it made before,

why should I think this would be the last?

The white of laughter and the sweat of activity

unabated, continue around me.

Likewise the world does not pause to pity

corrupted me which it just rejected,

because it really is just one big train

going round and round;

cursed with a continuous chain of sickness and health;

joy and tears,

life and death.

Hopefully, I too will soon return

to my own side of the track,

of this train,

and course continuously the best way I can

till the bus, corrupted  me in which I commute

stops and ushers me out

when I lie down to sleep…forever

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  1. Shedrach E. Ugwu 3 months ago

    Beautiful write!

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