Forest of Flowers

My thoughts are a forest of flowers

Forest of flowers



I run

into the embracing fragrance of my forest of flowers.

Away from the bickering and fighting;

wars and conflicts;

tearing and biting;

of the world around.

Finally, I’ve figured out why we’ve been created

-To ultimately destroy ourselves.

At least that’s the picture we paint.


My thoughts are my refuge and strength;

my workplace and shelter;

My shield and means of survival;

My companion and friend.

Inside my head is my home.



Lest it appears I’ve taken the cowardly path

to the gates of life

Remember that as in love,

all’s fair in war

and this is one battle I intend not to lose.

That is why I remain evergreen

even in the biting cold of winter.

So I run

again and again

into the embracing fragrance of the forest of flowers

in between my ears.


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