Colour of Giving by Maymuna Musa

I digged a hole

And put in it a seed

Quarter as well whole

With a smile, I hope it be no weed


Maybe then, it will grow green


I strive, I sweat, I sow and then I till

To make a dime or at least a penny

And even still

It’s all for little miss Jenny


Maybe then, she will for me blush blue


Beads around my waist felt my pain

From my spine down to my feet

Our cries entwined, the Symphony was unique, that of the new born and mine was a gain

Now his heaven lies under my feet

Maybe then, humanity will feel fortunate


Today, I will give you the world

My heart, body, soul and I will continue to strife

As commanded by Allah, our lord

Fulfill your rights, of love and more of life


Maybe then, we will together have heaven


The little lad asked, “what color is it?, if you don’t mind”

I told him the truth, “it’s that of your smile and that of peace”

“You are beautiful” he said,  “though I’m blind”

And this is my peace.


Maybe then, this is it.


blind boy




Name: Maymuna Musa

Creativenaija handle :munabella


Brief bio :I am a final year student of biochemistry in alhikmah University, ilorin. I like to read and write. It’s a hobby.


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