What is the Colour of Giving?


What is the colour of Giving?

Compliments of the season dear friends. CreativeNaija is pleased to present to you a three tier Christmas competition titled: #ColourOfGiving.

No matter your religious persuasion, one good thing we all learn from the yuletide season is the sheer pleasure that one gets when you put a smile on the face of someone who can do nothing for you in return.

This competition is open to three categories of young creative Nigerians: Writers, Musicians and Artists(Visual, graphic, sculptors and even photographers). You can be a winner in very simple steps:

  1. Visit creativenaija.com and create your account. This can be a new account using your email address or you can sign in via your Facebook account.
  2. Click on the ‘cliques’ tab (better viewed on a tab or Pc) to join one or more artistic cliques depending on your artistic disposition. Three cliques are available: writers, art, and music.
  3. Don’t forget to update your profile pic by clicking on the empty profile avatar. You would not need to do this if you signed in with your Facebook account.
  4. Update your entry. Title or Tag it #ColourOfGiving The goal per category is as follows:

Writers should update an entry of less than 300 words for poetry and 500 words for prose.

Artists should update a picture of an original work they have drawn, or photographed or sculpted. Each entry must be an original work. If you so desire you can attach a small description or explanation or inspiration of the work. Plagiarism is strongly discouraged and may lead to legal prosecution if found out.

Musicians should create a song of less than two minutes titled #ColourOfGiving

Each entry above should also be mailed to creativenaija@rocketmail.com. Title mail ColourOfGiving followed by category. E.g ColourOfGiving- Art

In mail, include your full name, CreativeNaija handle, functional phone number, entry in .doc format for writing, .mp3 for music, and .jpg for art. Also write a brief bio of less than 300 words

Creative freedom is strongly encouraged. Be creative with the theme of the competition and interpret it however you desire. Like our slogan, be creative, be original, be Nigerian.

Each winner per category will win a token price of 10,000 naira. (Subject to upward review in the event of corporate sponsorship) Corporate bodies interested in participating or sponsoring the event should contact Seyi on 07065991108 between 4pm to 10pm till end of competition.

Each entry should get in before 12midnight on 20th December, 2015. Winners will be contacted on Christmas day, 25/12/15

Terms and conditions apply

Contact creativenaija@rocketmail.com for any clarifications. Stay glued to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/CreativeNaija and twitter handle @creative9ja for updates and winners

As you contemplate on what the #ColourOfGiving means to you, remember,

There is a giant on the insides of everyone…its time to let yours out!!



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