The “Stolen Lives” Project

Meet Samson

Samson Adegboyega Newton is a Lawyer by Day and an author by Night who is passionate about the promotion of literary works in Nigeria and the growth of arts. He is the Author of the Anthology: ‘A Mixture of Nothing

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Stolen Lives?

The project is about creating a historical work; getting various amateur and unknown authors to write on a single theme with very limited time to think or add fineness. The list of Authors are numerous  but in all we have 12 young Nigerian authors each brilliantly contributing beautiful stories.



The project became bigger than I could financially manage and we all came up with the idea that if we could benefit from crowd sourcing, the dream could become a reality. The plan is for anyone who is interested to donate a minimum token of 1000 Naira towards the project. Kindly pay into my GTB account 0109307548 (Newton Samson)


Charity Implications…

We plan to donate 40% of the proceeds from the sales  of the book to Internally displaced persons (IDP) in Nigeria. The IDPs are one of the sources of inspiration of the Stolen Lives project. Some of them would become victims due to the circumstances they have found themselves. We want to try to alleviate that.


Literature in Naija…

Literature in Nigeria is still under appreciated. We hope it would get better and we would get the recognition we deserve on the global scale.


Final Words?

The stories in the ‘Stolen Lives’ project is a reflection of what we are and how easily anyone can become an innocuous figure in a bunch of statistics. We encourage you to be a part of it. We might not have the power to change the world- Let us at least change one frown to a smile… one person at a time.

Thank you

Stolen lives


Register on the site and follow Samson on his CreativeNaija handle: @samsonnewton

Phone no: 08165293079



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