The Rejuvenation. The Reinvention. The Resurrection.

Creative Naija is like that baby everybody thinks is going to die in infancy but which doesn’t. It is that idea that comes to life, is killed by circumstances, but then rises again, waxing stronger and stronger with each breath. It is that thought that does not go away no matter how hard you try.

It has been a really long 24 months since CN first birthed on the internet and oh boy! It has been a tough ride. Well this right here is another memo to the never say die spirit that we are still here alright!

CN is driven by a passion to see creativity and tenacity in the Nigerian youth entrenched, enhanced, celebrated…It is strengthened by a desire that everybody with a story to tell has a slab to write and an audience to read. It is kept alive by a commitment that every stroke of art created by the Nigerian youth around the corner blesses a soul through the doors of the eye.

Feel free to browse through the exciting articles that will grace this site from time to time, enjoy the soothing music from some really awesome artists, and kindly sign up so you may rise from the mediocrity of spectator-ship to the glory of participation.



Adebola, Oluwaseyi (M.B.B.S)

CEO Creative Naija



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