The Last Letters



To my son:

These things I write to you

Are the unspoken words which my father never said

But which I nevertheless heard

As clearly as the tinkle of a bell

In the dead of the night.

Whistle while you work

Love determinedly

Live by the book…

(The holy book…)



To my wife:

This picture I paint

Is abstract like the wind

Which we do not see

Yet feel,

The way I hope you felt

Every time I bought you a rose

Every time I went out of my way for you

Every time I got down on my knees to say how much I love you

Keep the home front when I’m gone

Continue to be loving kind and gracious

And know that though my heart now fails

My love for you never will…


To the world:

These notes I strum on my guitar

Are like a song which the robin cannot comprehend

But nonetheless bobs its head to

The way I hope you did to my life.

I did not discover fire

But my heart burned with love for my dear ones.

I still haven’t been to the moon, and unfortunately never will

But do not infer that I did not live life to the fullest.

I dare say I did not change the world

All I tried to do was leave people better than I found them.

Isn’t it high time we stopped all these fighting and wars

Seeing that they’ve not helped things a bit?

Let us work together as one, as in the tower of Babel

Let us live in peace and unity

Long live humanity!


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