One on one with Ogundeyi “Lucas” Emmanuel

CN: Can we get to know you?
Lucas: I am Ogundeyi Tolu Emmanuel aka Lucas. I was born in kwara state, Nigeria. I grew up with three sisters in a family of four in a humble Christian home. I attended and graduated from the University of Ilorin with a bachelor’s degree in human physiology in 2010 and currently I am a medical student in vitebsk state medical university, Belarus.

CN: How did you get into art?
Lucas: I started drawing and making sketches when I was around 6 years old and I remember I drew a lot of cartoon characters (superheroes like Superman, Spiderman and Green lantern) and I would share with my close friends. The look on their faces was priceless. I have never been to an art school or studied something on how to paint. I was inspired by my next-door neighbour who was a few years older than me. He made a lot of sketches too and his were more detailed than mine so I pushed myself to get to his level or even beyond and I did. He was like my reference point.

CN: What inspires you to draw and who are your favourite Nigerian artists (living and dead)?
Lucas: Facial expressions always put me in the right mood. Expressions tells me stories without words. Sometimes I create scenarios in my head and I just draw what I pictured. I have been inspired by artists like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Andy Warhol, Dino Tomic,  Toyin Odutola to mention a few.





madela's portrait by Lucas

Tolu’s artwork for the ShortSharpShot nominated Madiba’s mole




CN: How did you get into writing, what kinds of stories do you write and what is your inspiration?
Lucas: I started writing because of music. Back in the days during church service, the melody from musical instruments put me in a mood. Most times I found myself daydreaming about another world , I would picture different scenes in my mind and I would write about them. Over the years I have drawn ideas from music,  movies , listening to people and life experiences. The hard part is just putting everything in sentences that rhyme and making sure readers get the message.

CN: Kindly share with us the names of your favourite writers, both foreign and Nigerian?
Lucas: Few of my favourite writers are Grisham, Dan Brown, J k Rowling , J.R.R. Tolkien, Steven King, James Baldwin, Chinua Achebe ,and Wole Soyinka.

CN: You are quite the polymath. What else do you do artistically?
Lucas: *chuckles*  I also sing and  dance. You can check out some of my slick moves on my Instagram page. lols.

CN: How do you find time for all these activities considering you are training to be a doctor and we all know how intensive that can be?
Lucas: The price is a lot of sleepless nights, and almost zero outings. I have also spent an incredible amount of time alone.

CN: Imaginably, a lot of ladies swoon all over you- what with being a good looking and artistic young man training to be a doctor. That feels like the ultimate combo. How do you keep them at bay?
Lucas: Yes, been talented makes life easy with the ladies. *smiles* but I try my best to be modest and not get carried away by the attention. However, mingling doesn’t hurt too when you only lose the hat and not your head.

CN: Has any of these artistic involvements given you any financial rewards? If not, what motivates you to keep writing or drawing?
Lucas: By all means they have. I have sold a few of my paintings and I do take orders from those willing to pay but I have not made it a stable business enterprise. That will definitely change soon.

CN: Where do you see yourself in the future, artistically and career wise?
Lucas: Well, I hope to combine my God given talents with medical knowledge and build a medical art museum. I plan to write a few books, create a medical drama series and make a lot of money touching and saving lives!

CN: Any parting words? Also, do you have any words of advice for people who aspire to be like you?
Lucas: I believe no one was born without a gift , we just need to discover ourselves and find our way in life. Just follow your arrow where ever it points and always aim high even when you feel that you are at the peak!
For those who dare to live outside their comfort zones,  always remember this…
The only way to do the impossible is to believe that it is possible!

CN: We really appreciate you taking time out to chat with us.

Lucas: It has been a pleasure. Thank you

Follow Lucas on his CreativeNaija handle to see all of his shared works and interact with him: @hollakunlay-luke-tolu-holladelay
You can also check him out on the following social media platforms:
Instagram: iamloocas.
Facebook: Hollakunlay Tolu Luke Holladelay

*Lucas will be having his first art exhibition on the 5th of November, 2016. Venue is Kirova street 52, Chedak club, Vitebsk, Belarus by 9pm*




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There is a giant on the insides of each of us…Its time to let yours out!
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  1. Durotimi Danjuma 2 years ago

    Oh boi! If i dey that Belarus area I for come the art show. You are blessed my brother! Very talented. God bless you

  2. benjamin 2 years ago

    This is someone I know personally. I’m happy for him

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