Solitary Man

If I had been to the room,
Perhaps one or two
Of many mansions of God’s city of treasures,
If I was asked to choose
Whatever my heart’s desire
From the heights of shelves there,
If all my glorious desires were mine,
Wealth, health, love, life, wisdom,virtues.
How would my friends treat me?
With What pattern of deception would my foes come to the brightness of my rising?
As men may acquaint themselves with mornings.
I would be lost in all losts,
I would be a king
Upon a throne of lies.
I would see men who are whips
As caressing winds.
My worst enemy would be my vizier,
my queens the vilests of all females,
My noble men thieves and my advocates would be men, who would have been robbing laughing and burning villages of women and children.
And I
On their naked throne, a solitary man.


Submitted by Segun Israel Owcee




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