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    Hello guys, I have a new poem. please enjoy it.

    My father’s eyes are now blurred 
    Like a hundred years old memory 
    While mine are becoming clear 
    As day. 

    I need you to raise me up, 
    Very high,
    I want to see the future
    When it still tender
    Like a blooming bud 
    Ready to shoot forth. 

    My father’s voice Is weak and hollow, 
    You could barely hear a single word 
    Elude from his mouth. 
    But here i stand, 
    With a voice as loud as lion. 

    Please free me from this jungle. 

    My father’s bones are becoming feeble 
    Like a crawling child 
    I mean, 
    Every time he tries to walk 
    He keeps on stumbling and calling 

    ”oh son! Please help me walk ”

    I need you to give me a stick ,
    I want to lead him to that path 
    Where he will finally find eternity. 

    My father’s colours are finished 
    I need new ones
    to paint a world 
    Free from violence, 
    Free from hate, 
    Free from corruption, 
    Free from rape, 
    Free from kidnapping, 
    Free from sentimentalism and
    Free from social injustice. 

    My father has sucked 
    The remains of his ink. 
    Please give me a new pen 
    I want to write a story of
    love and hope, 
    I want history to imprison us 
    In his cage 
    And forever after.