LAI LAI- OluwaTweezy


“It could be hard to believe, and probably even harder to achieve, but open your mind then you’d see there’s a miracle inside of you”

These are Oluwatweezy’s words in this video for his socially conscious single, ‘Lai Lai’

Lai Lai comes at a time when one dollar don dey nack 500 naira, many people no get work; those wey get work no see salary collect, and even people wey collect salary no fit afford rice, so no better time dey to listen to this song.

On this hit number off his EP, ‘Orpheus tales; Of Roses and scars’- (DOWNLOAD EP HERE) the incredible songwriter and R n B maestro, Oluwatweezy, reminds us that no matter how hard these times try to get us down, #ObaNoDeyGoTransfer.




You can visit his CreativeNaija handle to listen to and download his other works OLUWATWEEZY


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