Colour of Giving by Ashraff Abdulhakeem




He had gone hungry, he had gone pale

But these were not pangs, these were aches

Life is short, life is sad

Moments are wild but moments are all.

Have you met him, the one with the short limb?

His smiles were short, his smiles were him

His words were few, his words were calm.


The story is told of a lad in pain

His kiths were late for they were frail

Memories he adored now memories no more

Dusks begets dawns and thoughts became real

The table was set, the end was near

But then he would wait, too weak to proceed

And then he would wake, oh it’s just a dream.


The next day was in June

The lad had met Jule

She was full of life, one would wonder why

To her home they went, for you know why

In a split of time, he felt secured

He was in a home he wondered to whom it belonged

The man with the short limb, the man that bore Jule.


Stirring into the cot, he was deep in thought

The little one held his thumb and that was all

Jule was beside him, how tired was she

Words fail him, tears did the speech

He felt different, he felt joy

For in front of him was his baby boy

He struggled to wake up but it was not a dream.


The colour of giving if you ask the lad

It’s not food, hampers or wads

Neither is it red, blue or white

It’s a chance to smile, a chance at life

It’s the love we bare, the love we share.

Have I told you of the man with the short limb

His smiles were words and his words brought joy.




Ashraff is a medical doctor. He loves to read and write. Contact him on his CreativeNaija handle: 





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