Colour of Giving: And the winner is…


Hope you are having a splendid Christmas? We received a couple of exciting entries for the artistic competition announced earlier in the month ( )

The entries all came from the writing category but since it is the season of giving, we have decided to have a 1st and 2nd runner up in addition to the winner in the writing category. Each writer tried to interpret what the #colourofgiving means to them and oh boy! you are in for one literary mind blowing read.

Please click on the links below to see some of the leading entries. The winners are announced after the cut: *wink-wink*

Maymuna Musa’s entry:

Notiki’s entry:

Segun Israel’s entry:

Ashraff’s entry:

Ashinze’s entry:


And the winner is…

Wait for it…

Okay the 2nd runner up is Ashraff

1st runner up is Segun Israel

and the winner is…



NotikI !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats to all our winners. You will be contacted directly on how to receive your cash prizes. And if you did not win, this does not take anything away from the beauty inherent in your entry. Its just that…well… there must be a subjective winner.

Hopefully subsequent competitions will have bigger rewards with even more participants. Corporate bodies are enjoined to be part of this big thing that is brewing because at the end of the day life imitates art and art…life.

All young creative Nigerians are encouraged to sign up on CreativeNaija. Join any one of the cliques and grace us with your works from time to time

Remember why we do all this:  For Love of Creativity….For love of Country

There is a giant on the insides of each of us…its time to let yours out!


Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. Notiki Bello 3 years ago

    Wow!! Thank you!

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